Welcome to, the official website for Joseph Medawar: community volunteer, philanthropist and award-winning producer.

Recognizing the important role of serving others, Mr. Medawar is committed to active involvement in the community and donates his personal time and energy as a volunteer, through assisting the sick and elderly, and through donating hundreds of hours in caring and maintaining public systems throughout Southern California.

Additionally, Mr. Medawar established an endowment at UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television that has nearly doubled in size and assists a number of young aspiring students. Mr. Medawar has also assisted Pepperdine University in identifying areas of studies needed to meet the demands of Hispanic graduates by becoming a member of their Hispanic Council Executive Committee.

Mr. Medawar’s career spans over 30 years, beginning in production on film footage for music videos, then moving quickly into producing and writing a number of nationally and internationally acclaimed feature films and award-winning documentaries.